Selling your home is the largest business transaction most of us will ever make. With such high stakes and so many important steps, it’s important to do it right. That’s where we come in. We are committed to guiding you at each step of the home-selling process to ensure that you get every dollar’s worth of your valued property. Our expertise, resources, and diligence help to ensure that the selling process is as seamless and profitable for you as possible.

The Selling Process


We take a comprehensive approach to the sales process. Finding the right buyer often requires that proper staging, marketing, and timing all align. The real estate marketplace can be a competitive one. Our goal is to make your home stand out.

To this end, we will be responsible for the marketing activities necessary to sell your house. This includes the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan designed to showcase your property to the right buyers.

Furthermore, many home sales occur as a result of internal networking between real estate professionals to pair buyers and sellers. We are deeply connected to the local real estate community, giving your property optimal exposure.

General Tips for Preparing Your Home:

First impressions matter! The correct staging of your home can go a long way toward achieving a successful sale at the highest price. Even minor alterations can have a major impact. Here are a few general guidelines that can help transform your home and ensure you to get top-dollar.

  • Start from the outside: A well-kept lawn can help secure a strong first impression for your home. A day or two of yard work can mean a world of difference in the buyer’s mind. A clean lawn and well-groomed landscape will help bring in prospective buyers from the beginning.
  • The front door welcomes the prospect: Doorways and entrances are usually the first things a visitor sees inside of your home. Step outside your front door and take an objective view. A fresh coat of paint or scrubbing your door clean will be well worth the effort invested. A seasonal door decoration can instantly give your home a warm, inviting feel.
  • Highlight your home: Ample lighting will project a feeling of warmth to the potential buyers. Clean windows will also help illuminate walls and ceilings.
  • Clean kitchens and sparkling bathrooms help sell homes: Be sure these rooms are gleaming! Countertops should be clean and free of clutter. Repair caulking in bathtubs and showers. Fixtures should always be polished. Putting out fresh towels is a nice touch.
  • A place for everything: Make sure beds are made and clothing is put away. Neat, well-organized closets show that there is ample storage space. Straightening newspapers, magazines or other “homey clutter” will help improve your home’s image to buyers.
  • Check for repairs: Minor flaws in your home suggest neglect to the prospect. Be sure to clean and check major appliances. If a potential buyer can find a minor defect in a house, he or she will often assume there are more serious underlying issues.
  • Last, relax and have fun! Once a showing is scheduled, try to make plans for lunch or to visit a friend. Having homeowners milling around will often make prospective buyers feel uncomfortable and hurry through a showing. So, relax, and let me do my job to showcase your beautiful home.


Around the Clock Marketing: We will place a highly visible “For Sale” sign in your yard with a direct mobile number for the listing agent and the office number. We answer phone calls and emails seven days a week. We list your home in both FMLS and GAMLS. From there the listing will be syndicated to a host of other top Real Estate sites such as,,, and more.

Excite Buyers About Your Home: We detail the benefits associated with your home and it’s community. We make buyers aware of the local shops, transportation options, and schools in the area.

Aggressive Marketing For Your Home: We use a variety of marketing mediums to advertise your home. Outside of placing the For Sale sign in your yard, we reach buyers utilizing the following prospecting methods: target mail postcards, email top producers and our previous clients, online marketing, and social media marketing.

Superior Photography: We offer impressive photography services that make your home stand out. Only the best photos are used to market your home.

Pricing Strategy: The most critical step to selling your home is pricing it right. We review market demand, recent sales and other variables that can affect your home’s value. We use this information to assist you with getting top dollar for your home.

Effective and Efficient Home Prepping: When listing your home it should be in tip-top shape. Rely on us to advise you on what’s needed to make your home stand out. We will let you know how your home looks from the eyes of potential buyers. We will also make cost-effective suggestions for any repairs that may be needed prior to listing your home.

Negotiate With Qualified Buyers: We only work with ready, willing, and able buyers. We make sure the buyer is qualified to prevent you from wasting time and money.

Excite Other Real Estate Agents About Your Home: We market your home to other real estate agencies in the area that may have a buyer needing a home similar to yours.

Protect You By Documenting Showings: We are computer savvy professionals that handle the fine details of selling your home. We record all showings via ShowingTime simplifies the scheduling of showings allowing you to accept or decline showings. We also use the Supra lockbox system that allows only secure, authorized, and documented access to your home.

Provide Buyer and Agent Feedback: We update you on feedback received from buyers and their agents. This lets us know if an offer is coming or something may need our attention.